Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're Back!

The boys and I boarded an afternoon flight this past Saturday...our last one of about fifteen roundtrips from FL to TX and GA to TX in the past 23 months. What an awesome feeling! It's crazy to think about the first time I stepped onto a plane with both boys by myself. It was January of 09'- Kyle had left for Pensacola four days earlier. Shea was 8 weeks old and cuddled in my sling and Layne was 23 months...old enough to walk, but young enough to be a little too stubborn to fully cooperate. It felt as if we were leaving our whole world behind. It was hard.

The past two years have been an adventure, a refreshing reminder, an unforseen answer. We have held tight to each other while making major decisions, weathering the storms and going through the every day...together. We are stronger, better, closer to each other and to God- because of the surprise that came our way almost two years ago. I am thankful for it. For the many lessons I have learned...for the independence I have gained. I am thankful for my husband, for my two children and for the love that God has shown during these years. There were days we cried...longing to be with sick relatives, new babies we had not met, and those we know all to well- but just wanted to kiss their face. But there were more days of happiness- days spent together, doing things and going places we never imagined experiencing. Nothing out of the ordinary- just different non-the-less.

We are glad to be home. Home brings many comforts we haven't felt in quite a while. The feeling of stability and knowing your children will be able to grow up with family close by. Home is definitely not just a place- rather where your heart longs to be. We want to be here...this is where our hearts reside...this is home. I wish I could say for forever...but we all know how God's little plans can catch you off guard.

Now for a little update. I am happy to say that I have had an overwhelming response to my coming home/ and my photography special. I am booked. Yay! I will though announce a second special mid- December. It will be good for January and February.

I will leave you with some pics I recently took of my oldest little man. Enjoy.



  1. Yay yay yay! So happy for you! Will we get to see you at church anytime soon? We usually go to the 11 am service. We'd love to take y'all to lunch to celebrate. Just let us know!

  2. wow. loved the update and made my heart so happy for reasons you already know. :) glad you're home, kevyn.

    also, the pics of layne are great! he's getting so big!